FAQs and which calculator you should use

How Much Insurance Should I Get?

Use the Insurance Requirements Calculator

How Should I Budget my Monthly Income?

Use the Monthly Budget Calculator

What is the maximum home loan amount I can get just by using my CPF?

Use the CPF loan Calculator

How much can I expect over the long-term from my financial plan?

Use the wealth projection calculator.


Calculators are provided for your convenience and should be used as approximate figures. Speak to your financial consultant before making decisions.

Useful links for FAQs

On Stock Picking:


TLDR Version: With over 60,000 firms and stock data, the best performing 811 firms (1.33% of total) accounted for all of the net global wealth creation.

On Dollar Cost Averaging and Lump Sum Investing:


TLDR Version: Most people should not be following a DCA strategy if they have a pot of gold. DCA strategy works best for people who want to invest from their monthly cash-flow.

On Withholding Taxes and Such:


TDLR Version: There is minimal gain from funds that provide tax benefits due to frictional ownership costs.

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